Why Kynect

What’s your y?

Way back in 2005, Kynect™ founder Rob Snyder bridged the gap between two industries—network marketing and energy—for the first time ever. Innovation on that scale quickly made us the largest network marketing energy company in the world. Under Rob’s passionate leadership, Kynect bucked industry expectations to become more than a financial opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs. It grew into a cultural movement inclusive to all.

A community, not a corporation, dedicated to connecting people to something bigger than themselves.

We know, we know…that’s bold. But ask around. People start a Kynect business to make extra money; they stay because they’re transformed by the family they find here. They stay because they’re given the opportunity to help others pursue their passions, big and small.

Tens of thousands of lives have been given deeper meaning through the Kynect opportunity.

Yours could be next.